Fastest Way To Reach Landing Requirments

Hey IFC,
I am currently working to get enough landings to get to grade 5. (violations to landing ratio is too high). I have a great suggestion for anyone trying to get more landings:

  • For violations, always flying on casual when able and reread rules (violation) before going onto training or expert server.

  • Route wise, from KHHR to KLAX and vice-versa using runways 07 at KHHR and 25L at KLAX. Each flight takes 2.5 minutes (flight time) in a TBM-930, so you can get roughly 10 flights done in half an hour. Be aware that this route does work but without proper procedures. The aim is to land the most times, not to landing correctly. BTW the TBM-930 rotation speed is 90kts.
    If anyone has any other great/fast routes, please put them down below with the flight time.

Personally, I prefer patterns on the Expert server with IFATC. Turns hours into minutes ☺️


Good point! Only I can’t risk getting any more dodgy violations right now (90% of my 46 violations haven’t been my fault but oh well).

Do patterns at LEZG :)

The runway layout is really friendly for quickly racking up landings.

Violations aren’t that easy to get… especially in a TBM or a Citation X… you would have to be doing something really wrong to receive vios.


I got an even easier method for you.
Just spawn at an airport which has 2 runways on the casual server and simply do touch and gos from runway to runway. This method takes seconds.

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yes I do that too.

Little trade secret here…

Spawn in (casual, of course) into FAOR (O. R. Tambo International Airport) near the runway. Just taxi through the grass (haha, it’s casual!) onto the runway. This airport has a great runway setup, just half-circle back into the opposing runway.

See how easy it is?!

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That sounds like you would be doing traffic patterns (or half) which makes things a bit boring when you have so say 30 landings in a session or day. The way I have set it up is so that you can fly VFR and then either an ILS or IVA into both runways, turn around, takeoff and repeat.

Mmm, you can do traffic patterns at that airport if you would like, I’m just saying, it’s a quick and easy way to crank out landings.

Just remember that if you do 30 TnGs in one day, 90 days later you will lose all 30 in one go!

If you try and maintain a lower average each day it will be less likely to happen. Also you state that it wasn’t your fault for getting these violations. Well violations are only system generated, so it’s best if you have a look to see where you are getting these and work out how to avoid getting them.

Good luck

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