Fastest Cruise?

Since IF has a million and a half aircraft (thanks, devs!) and 1) it would take a long time to look myself and 2) I know that you all have specific aircraft that you worship, what is the fastest cruising aircraft (excluding fighters) on Infinite Flight?



Any of the fast jets dry cruise at around M0.9

The F22 IRL can dry cruise at approx M1.2 though IF doesn’t replicate this.

For long legs with a decent cruise you’re looking at the 787 series, M0.85-M0.87 in Block 4.


I think the 747 cruises the fastest out of all the airliners at a standard speed of M0.86.

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I did read it, sharing information isn’t a bad thing so I suggest you use DM rather than calling someone (me) out in public again.

The fastest cruising aircraft is the Citation at M0.9


Looking at the real thingy the a380, 747 and ccx are the fastest up in the sky.

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Check out @DeerCrusher’s fuel burn page/speed doc he made a while ago:

It’s a bit outdated(doesn’t include most recent aircraft), but it works great for most aircraft!

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The C750’s max cruise is M0.92

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This article says that the fastest commercial is the 747-8i, while the fastest business jet is the Cessna Citation X+, which is faster than the 747. I assume that the same is true in IF.

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I think your wrong there. I looked it up, and the 787 has an average cruising speed of M0.88.

The 787 actually cruises around .85

.88 is its max speed I think

The max speed is .90 I think 🤔

yeah I thought so…

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I was going to say it’s the Cessna as well, but then I started thinking. There was an f-16 pilot that was on camera saying he was not able to stay on Air Force Ones wing with out after burner on September 11, 2001. He had to ask Airforce One to slow down a bit. When I look it up online I get .92M for Airforce One.


Damn, gotta do some long hauls in that!


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