Fastest Commercial Plane in IF?

What’s the fastest plane in IF?

F-22 Raptor.


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Probably the 787 or triple seven. For private it would be the citation 10.

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I‘d say the Citation X

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I would say 787-9

The 747-8i flies at Mach .86. I think the 747-400 flies at almost the same speed.


If I’m not wrong and I do have found multiple sources claiming this that the 747-8i is among the fastest currently operating commercial passenger aircraft.

In IF that would be the fastest since we don’t have aircraft like the: Concorde or Falcon 7X, which are also some very fast ones, and the Concorde as well know went down due to mostly, economical factors, so today the Boeing 747-8i (Intercontinental) stands above all.



Yeah the 747-8 is super quick for a commercial airline with them 4 GE engines

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Any aircraft on the training server with a pilot named ‘Captain xxx’ probably 🤭


Probably CJX.

Guys, he’s not asking what the fastest real world planes which happen to be in IF. He’s asking which one he can use to actually go fastest in IF as currently constructed. Anything bounded by M0.88 in IF can’t be the answer.

(I’m not going to provide the exceptions, because that isn’t something for which you should be shooting, but at least read the question.)


I say it is the 787-9 or 787-10


A380, B787 most probably with a typical cruise speed of around 0.85/0.86.

The Citation X is a private plane, not commercial.

I mean technically JetSuite is commercial, since they sell tickets, but then only Citation Xs operates by JetSuite are commercial (if they even operate them).

The 748i has the fastest cruise speed at around .86 normally.

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