Fastest commercial airliner

Hi guys what do you think the fastest passenger plane is?

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Concorde before it got retired :-(


In past service, the Tupolev TU-144 was the fastest passenger plane in history. Since that has retired, the fastest passenger plane currently is the Cessna Citation X.

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Dangit, you got to it before I did!

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Right now the 747-8 is the fastest, I read that somewhere

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Its the fastest Airliner

In the real world it is the Citation X.
For me in Infinite Flight it is the 777.


Subsonic- Corvair 880& 990

I know this is kinda off topic, but I don’t understand why SOME non-avgeeks judge a plane by its speed… that’s not how aviation works…


I judge it on whether it is made by Airbus or Boeing.

Just kidding, it is really the efficiency and comfort of the aircraft.


I understand that for commercial airliners, the A380-800 has the highest typical cruise speed and the 747-8 has the highest maximum cruise speed.

No one cares how fast it is, but how efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient a plane is is very important

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I agree. I think for some of our younger members it’s just the easiest to grasp in terms of physics. There are countless details and capabilities of an aircraft that near miraculous. It seems the looks and speed are highest on the list for obvious reasons. Simply a lack of knowledge and understanding of aviation would presumably be the culprit here.

Yes! A mention of this often forgotten airliner.

Efficiency is for bean counters.

Um…since when has the Citation been a commercial airlines, read the title.

Is the Concorde a better plane because it’s faster? No , 777,787,A330 are all better planes to operate

What do you mean?

It’s what ever plane you want it to be, as long as you jam the throttle up, go for a dive, ignore the warning buzzers and the fast approaching ground, and don’t mind the possible sudden loss of your wings.

Bean counters = Accountants.