Faster pushback

Okay, I’m sure all of us have, at least once, spawned on an area on which you actually have to pushback further in order to get space to steer and align with the taxiway. You may not understand what I mean, but you can check out this tutorial about pushbacks.

This feature request is requesting an option to speed up your pushback, because it may be frustrating to have to pushback for 90 entire seconds. Currently, it’s 3kts Ground speed, and I’ve seen airplanes pushback faster than that IRL, and it would be useful in IF.


I agree with this…dang speed can’t let you pushback as fast as you want. Become a grandpa by the time it’s fully back 😋


It is already fast.


Do you have rockets attached to your wings there @AR_AR lol


The 757 especially because it needs 30~40% power for taxi so Pushback is even slower.


I think it’s fine the way it is.


3 knots is really fast, I wouldn’t push at 3 knots in real life, it’s usually at around 1-2 knots.


IRL, I really don’t think there’s a limit on pushback speed. However most airlines will state “no faster than walking speed”. The average walking speed is considered to be 3.1mph / 2.69 knots.

Having said that a lot of airports, (in Europe for some reason) will pushback a lot faster. I believe in France the gates close to the main runways get a very fast pushback. But hey…think about it…if you’re in the cockpit of a 787 or in a tug pushing one back, the last thing you want to do is speed. If something goes wrong on the ground, that just means longer to stop.

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You can’t pushback faster than walking speed in most cases simply because there is actually a guy walking the plane back and plugged in to a comms jack near the nosewheel.

If 90 seconds is really too long I am not sure the OP has the patience required to be on IF at all.


Putting that much force into the towbar is not the best idea either. You want to push quickly, but not so fast that you snap something.

Faster pushback would kill realism

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I may be alone but my enjoyment of IF is all about spawning, communications with ATC, filing flight plan, push back, taxing to runway, correct take off and climb out to cruise level, calculating TOD, descent and successful landing then taxi to parking. If it’s all about getting the aircraft in the air as quickly as possible to rack up XP then maybe Caaual Server might be the best option.


I totally agree.

Guys, I’m only saying there could be an OPTION to pushback faster, but if you want to go slower you can.

Yeah 3kts ground speed on pushback is turtle speed


The only pushback speed I would recommend changing is the 757. I think all the other aircraft are just fine.

Maybe off topic, but the 757 is such a pain to taxi.


Nah, I find the current speed good and realistic, it really isn’t a bore.

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The person with the headset is normally the one on the pushback tug, at least where I work. We can get the plane going pretty good to the point the wing walkers would have to jog to keep up, but that’s not recommended because we do have to turn the plane 90 degrees and having 2 pivot points can get out of hand quickly if you’re not careful.


We really need this, I hope it gets added.