Faster fuel draining?

Im flying to Cartagena from Miami and I notice that I loaded 4:30 hrs worth of fuel and its gone in no time (30 minutes of extra fuel) but its only been 5 minites into the trip is this normal
Full load in passengers
60 kt crosswind
Fl 350
Thank you!

you might be looking at it while you’re thrust is full or close to full its the way the calculcations are I believe… correct me if im wrong

Its at 78% thrust

Auto pilot

Which aircraft are you flying

An Airbus A320

Maybe the aircraft is too heavy for that altitude
Try descending a bit

Im descending to fl320 is that enough?

And the situation will improve as you get lighter.

For the A320, I can’t recommend enough using with a performance factor “perf” of -15 Set. If you run the simbrief flight plan, set your weights via simbrief’s load sheet, then climb Via the simbrief climb profile 250kt->10K, 300kt-> ~FL270 (slow to ~294-296kt to meet .78M at FL280) then .78M from FL280 to top of Climb to reach the simbrief Top of Climb waypoint (use to get the Lat/Long waypoint into your FPL) at the simbrief suggested cruise altitude.

If you do this correctly-takeoff with an N1 between 88-95% with no yanking and banking, no high VS climbs or anything crazy, your fuel numbers will match at top of climb and thereafter for each waypoint. At the end of the flight you’ll be within +/- 500lb or so of the simbrief fuel number.

Here’s a pic of my simbrief load sheet and my In Flight Operations fuel usage summary with one posted together as well as them individually.

This was an A320 using the -15 perf factor on

Load sheet

Fuel Usage summary (read bottom to top to match to simbrief)

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