Faster Fast-forward on Solo

With 20.2, Infinite Flight gained the ability to have the simulation run at 5x speed on solo. This has been something I’ve wanted for a long time so I thank the developers for that.

However 5x doesn’t seem to be fast enough. It works well for flights that are normally 1-2 hours, allowing them to be completed in under half hour. On the other hand, for long hauls 5x decreases the time, but they still take a couple hours to complete, and for ultra long hauls, it still takes around 3 hours.

My request is that a feature be added so that you have the option of 1x, 5x, 10x, or 20x. This would allow you to practice all solo flights in under an hour, a much more reasonable time frame.

Eh, RIP to your IF experience then, Infinite Flight streams scenery on WiFi :P and I don’t think it’ll load the scenery this fast without struggling

That might have to be a trade off. Maybe IF streams lower quality scenery while in time lapse. Then you’d have the option. For example over the ocean you could put it on 20x and decrease it to 5x over land.


How much GB does IF stream per hour on wifi?