Faster ATC Voice

I suggest a option where we can personnalize the speed of the voice, for more realistic communications (like real world).

i think the actual speed of the voice in iOS was too long. A bit faster are good


Agreed buddy! would be nice to have a speed option

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Good point, I dont think it should be personizable just sped up in general like you said.

Check under your device TTS settings,

The ATC stuff is controlled by your device Ie if you select your TTS language to be Chinese or Spanish your ATC will be Chinese or Spanish (Try it, It gets pretty funny).

So find an option for TTS playback speed or something and that should make your ATC talk faster. :)

Something like this :)


Yes! This would be great!

i have tried to change speed on iOS settings but not affect IF…

I’m not familiar with IOS, Did you change the speed of the correct TTS engine? Ie the one your device uses for IF.

As a SLIGHT twist to the original request, but how about if the voices where changed for when ATC spoke compared to when an Aircraft Spoke? would that help to distinguish between the two? For example have the Femal voice for ATC and a male voice for aircraft?


I think that would be a great feature and add an element of realism!


In my opinion, ATC should all be automated except for the airport towers.

Changing the TTS speed on android doesnt change the speach speed on IF

same thing on iOS

Male or Female Voice?? O_o

the english by default is a female voice.

I want faster also

I think it actually might … I changed the usual US English to UK English, sped it up a bit and works great, using HTC GOOGLE NEXUS 9 on Lollipop 5.1.1

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I will testing this after, but i’m not sure its work on iOS =D

I tried it, not sure it speed up things…

Has to be optional or it will be hard for non-English speakers to understand.