Faster ATC talking speeds

I think it would be a nice addition for us to adjust the voice speed of ATC. Personally I like to listen to ATC commands with so much goin on the screen but there seems to be a delay between the text and voice command especially on busy servers. An option to increase ATC speech speed would be very nice and also fairly realistic. What do yall think?


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See this post about the features category:

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Features? This is #ATC

He’s making a request it seems…

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Haha am aware, just wanted to create a forum to see what others think :)

He didn’t put in the #features category but i guess you’re correct :)
Sounds like request, but he maybe is only asking?

This is still a feature request which means you can’t post something like this unless you are a Member or higher trust level.

Looks a lot like a request to me.

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From what I know, You can’t post in the #features category unless you are at least TL2.

That is why some basics put it in #general just to have them closed not long after.

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That is true but this one in #ATC, but whatever back on topic.

If I were to rephrase into “what do yall think?”

That would be better, but I think it is still something that would be best as a feature request. You are still proposing something new to Infinite Flight, and asking for their opinion on it. That’s what we have #features and voting for.

We’ll let the mods decide :). Not trying to be harsh, just ensure everything is used correctly and for its purpose.