Fast XP Earnings

isn’t that what you’re doing

So IF just crashed on me. Do I lose all that flight? I had about 45 minutes flight time so far with three touch-and-goes, and was about to land to finish the flight.

You might do.

Couldn’t agree more. Longer flights with touch and goes doesn’t seem to add the much more XP than flying shorter routes with touch and goes.


Oh I know, I just didn’t want to post my question as a new thread.

My current stats 😂
24+ hours of flight, 400+ landings and 0 vialotions. Silver lining…I found this community searching how to gain XP. This was just normal flying from airport to airport.

This is saving me hours! Thanks for posting!

🤦‍♂️just fly. Fly and you’ll get there

hate people that just do this…SORRY!


Tight patterns in a Cessna 172 will get lots of XP quickly.

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Does tng considered a landing ?

Yes, a Touch and Go is considered a landing as long as your front wheel touches the runway.

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what about wheelies bouncing along the runway multiple times?
LIke 3 tngs in a row

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One thing I did once was took off from ORD and flew around the map clockwise and eventually landed at MKE. Chicago is a big region and I ended up getting over an hour in the air on that flight. I forgot how much XP it was but I believe it was over 1,000. I see other people doing similar things “taking the long way” to fly somewhere.

Also I find it useful to do multiple flights within the same session. I just flew LAX-SAN-LAX-VCV in the same session in a 757. Over an hour in the air in total (thanks to SAN approach sending me in a snake-like pattern before landing) and once again got over 1,000 XP. If I had ended the session after each flight I would’ve gotten maybe 800-900 XP.

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Flying in high winds, doing touch and goes can give you more XP points.

Landing short runway can earn XP faster?

I dont think Runway Length can effect your XP

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How well you land during extreme conditions e.g. dense fog, strong winds, high turbulence etc can determine the amount of xp one can get. You can also do manual landings which will earn you more xp than using auto land.
Cheers :)


Touch and go at KSFO in the cessna 172, turning around and landing on the parallel runway immediately after taking off, repeat


Once, i was trying to land a airport with very low visibilty and heavy crosswind.After i executed 2 go arounds, i landed and finished the flight that gave me 910 xp.Some factors like crosswind,go around,touch and go,flight time affect your xp.

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Touch and goes very good way to increase your xp

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