Fast XP Earnings

Hey guys,

I love this game SO MUCH, I’m quite new (3 months) and I’ve become extremely good (in my opinion) at making it as realistic as possible and having great flights. I play all the time doing flights from airport to airport but I just can’t get my XP up, I’ve got over 200 landings and about 45 hours flight time but I’m stuck at grade 2 because my XP is so low and I would love to play expert server. What’s your tips on the quickest way for me to earn XP.



Quick patterns in a spit


Tight patterns in a spitfire/prop with gusts and winds :)

Spitfire Mk is easy to control though.


With 45 hours and 200 landings you should have earned more than the required 40K XP for Grade 3 or be really close to it - make sure you are not getting violations as those slow down you XP points accumulation.

Sounds like you are flying sensibly. Not great if you want to earn loads of xp quickly.

To make loads of XP the ‘experts’ do loads of touch and goes, be as reckless as you want. Just get the wheels on the ground. Denver is great (KDEN)
Failing that the ‘experts’ leave their iPads running while cruising in a Cessna on autopilot for hours on end…

Not great, but if you keep trying to fly sensibly and realistically it will take you ages to get the required XP. Sad but true.

In my opinion, an updated algorithm of accumulating XP is much needed. Let’s reward quality not quantity of rubbish landings and xp grinding.


Landings, long flights, extreme weather, little amounts of AutoPilot. Touch and Goes


Pick a region like Hawaii or Singapore where the distance between the region ends are the longest …and just fly aimlessly from one end to the other…it should be no secret by now how the top XP leader boarders got to where they are …and it was not by repetitive touch and goes …or any other learned and regularly practiced aviating skills…or else do you really believe that an XP of 2 mil plus…let alone 4 mil plus… comes from any exceptional piloting skills…alas…long overdue time to get real …and stop the cosmetic overlays…


175 touch and goes earned me 22k XP, although I’d only recommend it only if you are willing to do it.


I hope you’re referring to “experts” at grinding XP and not all of us on the expert server.

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For those of you interested in earning genuine XP that can improve your piloting skills, the South Florida region has 25kt sustained winds in some areas, like KSRQ.


yep, the Xp grinding ‘experts’ .


If you go afk,set a C152 going on a horizontal over Chicago at 44 knots. You’ll get some XP from if you just leave iPad running when you got out. You can leave it afk for around 7 hours before going over the region boundary.


I got some XP from doing T&Gs in the Spit at KHHR. I would say picking a small airport helps because you won’t have to go for ever long in doing pattern.

I do T&Gs, but with a twist to make me able to do more faster. As soon as I leave the runway after the touch and go, I pull into a loop, fly back a bit, then pull out and do another T&G. The spitfire is fantastic at this.


Thanks everyone really appreciate it looks like touch and goes are the way to go


When in doubt, always ask the community. Unless it involves politics. Or Carson’s newest profile picture.


Spitfire XP will have to wait for later levels. By the time I learn how to perform quick touch and goes in the Spitfire without crashing I will have had 10,000 XP or more in an easier aircraft.

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Touch and goes. Small airplane in a secluded area, with landing from both ends. (green on both ends). Do figure 8 landings, kinda like the IF logo, turning and and landing both ways. The points can rack up quick. Here’s a screen shot I had from a while back. Still watch for the violations. They will kill you.


That’s why you do it on Casual.

Amazing difference with windy conditions. I just performed one pattern and these were the points awarded.

  1. Pueblo, Colorado. Winds 28 kt gusting to 35. 244 pts.

  2. Columbia Municipal, SC. Winds at 7 kt. 119 pts.