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I had an idea a while ago. (Only available for military aircraft) (For example for fighters if they need to rapidly intercept) (Only for Expert Server because of possible trolls)
What if we could add ATC commands like this: (conversation)
Me: M-CEL, needs fast access to runway 27L
ATC: M-CEL, fast access to runway 27L confirmed/approved (I don’t know which is better)
Me: Fast access runway 27L, M-CEL
Rides fast to the runway
Me: M-CEL, needs fast departure to the south
ATC: Fast departure to the south approved/confirmed, M-CEL
Me: Fast departure to the south, M-CEL

What do you think about it? Because I think it’s pretty good and not hard to develop.

Reply if you have a better idea!

  • Great idea!
  • Okay, but why spend energy?
  • Meh, I don’t see sense

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So people would be able to spawn in and bypass everyone else just because they’re in a military aircraft? What would be the purpose of this?


I may be mistaken, but I don’t think this even happens in the real world. Taxi speed limits are there for safety, and especially with a fighter jet, it’s not safe to taxi at a high rate of speed. Most air bases are set up in a manner that taxiing is minimal.


I have a feeling this would be abused by people who don’t want to queue…

Nice idea, not sure if it would be used sensibly!


Do you mean to taxi faster or the military aircrafts have a higher priority?

Yes, but sometimes fighters have to intervene and then just other aircraft would go out of its way.
Only expert server option

No, not faster but like an ambulance on signal.

Ok but everyone else in the sim would have to get something out of it right? Like what would be the incentive for getting cut in line?

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Like said before, I feel like if this was added it would be abused by people who want to takeoff quickly and not wait.

My conclusion:

Have you ever tried taxiing fast in a military aircraft? > crash
There are intersection departures which most airports allow.

Not fast, but prioritized

But why? There would have to be some other feature in the sim that would call for prioritized taxiing.

edit: for example an in game escort service, I don’t know, could be anything.

another edit: also, as said above, GA aircraft often are pretty close to the runways already

yet another edit: Military aircraft shouldn’t have to take out of say KSFO or EGLL. There are small military airfields for a reason.

one last edit: sorry bout all the edits

Like, if you are in that organization, then you can?

Ohh, didn’t think ‘bout it

To be honest, if you need a fast departure, spawn in a military airport (or secondary one) outside controlled airspace, announce departure on Unicom and yore in your way. I honestly don’t see any benefit in this feature, sorry.


Yeah, just realized that.

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Military aircraft operate out of military bases, not Heathrow.


I’ll reply with the same I said a while ago.

MaxSez: 😂 LOL!

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