Fast headwinds, normal for aircraft to rumble?

If my plane was exposed to over 100+ kts of headwind/crosswind in IF the nose would bobble up and down like it’s struck by some major turbulence (this continues for hours depending on the winds aloft). Planes irl don’t rumble that much for so long, even when moving against the jetstream (if they do passengers would feel nauseous). I don’t think the wind speed here in IF accurately represents how it affects the aircraft through turbulence. It just doesn’t seem right to me for the aircraft to keep shaking for hours.

Generally speaking, planes experiencing large amounts of turbulence will oscillate (or “bounce”) on the vertical axis quite a bit. Airlines tend to avoid areas of severe turbulence due to the passenger discomfort and stress on the aircraft.

Areas of turbulence can extend for hundreds of miles, so it is possible to experience this over an extended period of time.

It sounds as if what you’re experiencing is within the “normal” range, given various circumstances, but if you feel otherwise, could you record a video to share so we can see what you see?

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Yeah I think so too, it’s probably my flight plan took me to these high-speed winds region.

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Like @Dubya mentioned, it is possible for aircraft to experience turbulence for long durations of times but airlines normally try to avoid patches of pro-longed turbulence. It’s happened to me before, I just check out the live weather and change my FPL to avoid the bad weather.

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