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Hello guys. I’ve first played Infinite Flight around 2016 and that was just for fun but recently i’ve bought the Infinite Flight Pro cus i wanted to do international flights. Im currently a Grade 2 pilot and i’ve just done my first clean lannding and i want to post it on youtube so currently im recording it in the replay but i noticed that there wasnt any fast forwarding options. I’ve done a flight from KLAX to KSAN so it wasnt that long and i can record it since i’ve got time but i probably couldnt on a long/international because it would’ve taken too long. I know that i can record while flying but that lags the game a bit and the instruments kinda ruin it so what i want to be added is that more allowence in replays like 2x, 4x, 10x fast forwarding options. This is my first Topic here so if its unneeded or talked a lo before im sorry and please dont mind this. But if not i’d be happy to get an answer.


Hi there, do you mean you want this to be a feature?

You can vote for it here!


If so, you have to be trust level 2 in order to post on the #features category

In addition to what the other guys have said, Philippe (one of the developers) said that it’s pretty hard to implement a timelapse feature (at the moment) due to the development complexities behind it. That being said, it’s not out of the question and if you wish to see it in the future, vote for it on the link provided by dca.iad.aviation.

Meanwhile, welcome to the forum! Have a look at this thread to get you started:

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yeah thats what i wanted to say

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are you talking about like fast forwarding mid flight?

on the replay

On the replay, its acceptable. but on mid-flight

THATS a big no. imagine skipping a waypoint that someone is currently flying and you just “magically” appear out of nowhere.

remember, This is NOT RFS.

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Im talking about the Replay

I use a Mac to edit my videos (specifically iMovie) which does allow you to use time lapse as well as a host of other features.

If your using Windows I would have no idea what video editing software to point you towards.

yeah sadly i cant afford a mac 😂

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