Fast Forward Option for Solo Mode only

After playing Extreme Landings, I just kept thinking how awesome it would be for Infinite Flight to have a fast forward option in solo mode! You’ll be able to fly from Chicago to Hong Kong in maybe an hour than in 15 or 16 hours!

Would you like this idea implemented into Infinite Flight?! I would! If so, then vote for it!

Here is a pic of the fast forward option in Extreme Landings pro:

Not a good idea, imagine flying that fast and all the picture satellite downloading, you might get a glitch and buggy.


I hate to be that guy, but if you really want it, be sure to vote for it yourself.


Edit: Your all good!

We can keep this one as it does have slightly more detail and isn’t 2 years old. With that said, it is not required to vote for your own feature request but it is highly encouraged. Without doing so, it shows that creator isn’t as excited or encouraged to bring this potential feature to life should the developers consider this. Just something to think about.

I closed the topic that Gabe_Z linked for you so we’ll use this one as the more current one. Enjoy! 🙂


I don’t know it kinda takes realism away but maybe it should be implemented for those who would use the feature.

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I’d say it’s no harm done in solo mode, and you don’t have to use it
I don’t really use solo since global, but sounds like an interesting idea


You can already refuel mid-flight in solo, let’s leave it at that

Maybe this feature should be added to IF Assistant.

If this is implemented , what is the point if doing long flights then?

The easy solution to that would be for the game to not download any imagery while the plane is accelerated, and restore the imagery when the plane slows to normal time.

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Well to get XP

In Solo you don‘t get XP I think

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You do not get XP in solo. I don’t think this would be good because I mean if you want to fly a short route you can fly a short route… I don’t really see the benefit of speeding up a long flight when you could fly a short one. Along with that, it would be so much harder for your device to process all of that scenery.

I’m not the most tech savy by any means, but I imagine if you’re fast forwarding, you wouldn’t have to download the scenery (assuming a rather quick fast-forward rate). If scenery did need to be downloaded, it could be at a much, much lower resolution.

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Well if it’s low resolution scenery why even bother fast forwarding on a long haul? Idk i just don’t see it being practical, I feel like a normal speed short haul would be better than a high-speed long haul :P