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Hey guys,

I’ve noticed that flights in Infinite Flight (flight time specifically) is shorter than real life. Why is this? If the winds are completely accurate, then why are Infinite Flight planes much faster?

Even with radar vectoring a few minutes is added on, and yet it ends up still being faster.

Note: I know winds aloft is down. Flight times are still shorter even when winds are functioning correctly.


This is true

Well, if you’ve noticed it recently, then the winds aloft being down could be to blame. Since there aren’t any winds, there’s no wind resistance to slow you down.


We don’t have to account for atc at every airport. Instead, we follow STARs or SIDS that go much faster than real life.

Winds aloft is another reason.

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I know. It still reciprocates even when winds aloft worked.

Thats not necessarily true. Recently it might have been due to the Winds aloft issue, but normally I can manage pretty nicely to fly similar flight times (probably slightly shorter due to more direct routes/vectors (especially without ATC).


I don’t think it’s entirely based on winds. I’ve noticed this as well, crossing the USA coast to coast takes about 4:30 for me, which is a lot shorter than it should be. Perhaps a difference in flight plan, but that’s my only guess.


If you cruise at the right speed, your flight time most likely will match that of the real world flight.


I have a chart telling exact cruising speeds for each aircraft; I would say that’s not the issue.

Exactly what I’ve been getting. I’m currently doing Miami to Paris (usually a 10h+ flight) and it’s saying ETE as 7 hours.

Even if winds aloft was working it would be around 7:30h.

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Are your climbs flown at exactly the same speed as they would be in a real flight? Is your descent also the same? Are you flying the same flight plans as used in RWA?

There are many different factors that can contribute to these flight being longer or shorter. 🤷

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Climb rate? Yes. Very similar to RWA.

Climb speed? I could never tell. I use standard acceleration after 10k.

Flight plans? Yes. Or at least very close to the real world. I use SID’s and STAR’s.

I could understand if the flight time was, say, 30 minutes off. In reality they can be several hours off of RW flight times.

Honestly, it’s not an issue in my book but I’m just curious as to why flight times are typically faster.

People usually tend to fly a bit faster than in real life. Theres people who like to fly way up at M0.87 whereas M0.80 is more realistic.

I can understand that logic, but as I said above I fly the most realistic speeds.

Maybe it’s just how I fly, but I can usually get pretty close to the usual scheduled time enroute.

It’s worth noting that the scheduled time includes taxi as well - your flight time should be less than the scheduled time.

@Claudio I know what you’re getting at, but, contrary to what happens with IFATC, SIDs and STARs are actually how the majority of real world flights work. Vectors are not normally given unless part of the procedure or for traffic avoidance. That’s why many procedures have altitude and speed limitations published - to avoid other flight paths. If followed correctly (using the same procedures as the real life flight) then there shouldn’t be too much of a difference in time.

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Pretty sure you are aware of the difference, but flight times in the schedules are block times (including for example what @A_Hippopotamus posted) and are also accounting for taxi delays and so on.

So IF is a real time FS, just SIDS and STARS, VS, Speed and wind can change flight time.

Yep, exactly what I’m getting at. Block time, as you quite rightly said, is the official term haha

Didn’t see that sorry. Referred to your post now, thanks for the mention!

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No worries, appreciate you reminding me of the correct term!

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