Fast and furious 6 scene remake

Hi guys…

So I had put a similar post on IFFG but I had not much luck…so I just created this topic as I see a lot of you guys are good in recording videos and stuff

So here’s the challenge…you got to recreate the entire plane scene of FNF6…its gonna look really cool and as we have the c130 out…in night time …with a bit of freecam…this thing would be great!

Let’s see what you guys have got!


I don’t know where you are gonna find a runway that lasts as long as that scene did…


edwards airforce base in southern california. 39000ft long


True DAT…but some thing nice could come up


Looks like tha airport editing team has some work to do… ;)


Very true… well? Let’s get started

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Eurgh…for the sake of my sanity, PLEASE use entire words. It’s not that hard to type “you” and it is much more professional. Thank you.

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May I ask you to do a little [Spoiler]Big![/Spoiler] effort to write correctly please

I can’t understand


Please only do this on casual.


sorry guys…got caught of typing like that

An effort to write correctly on your end would also be appreciated. Technically, that sentence is a double negative. By “can’t understand nothing,” you have to understand something, since the statement contradicts itself. :)

So, if everyone in this thread wants to play grammar police, simmer down and read between the lines. Interpretation and analysis will do you all some good.


Thanks for your message, as you may probably know, English isn’t my mother language that’s why sometimes I do some errors but trust me I do my best to avoid them ;-)

I can m8. U should b able 2 understand that. I mean, c’mon bruh! I’m gunna 2 recr8 the scene now

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