Farwell, old a380!

Since we all heard that 24.2 WILL introduce the 388 rework, I decided to pick up this big bird again in Infinite Flight before she’s gone.

Qantas at SSY

Asiana 388 on final, PHNL

Etihad departing SAN

Lufthansas 388 departing SFO.

Photo 1:
Time 0900Z
Server N/A
Route N/A
Flight time ~5 minutes

Photo 2:
Time 0900Z
Server N/A
Route N/A
Flight time ~12-13 minutes

Photo 3:
Time 0200Z
Server N/A
Flight time ~40 minutes (elapsed x5) ~15-20 minutes

Photo 4:
Time 0100Z
Server N/A
Flight time ~6-8 minutes

Photo 5:
Time 0500Z
Server N/A
Flight time 14-20 minutes

I cannot wait for the new a380-800 rework in 24.2, thanks devs for making it happen!


You should have put a title like “Goodbye old a380”

I ain’t gonna miss the goofy cockpit windows and nose. Something about it looks off, but on the new model it’s 100% fixed 🤩.

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Salute to you good friend and we will always remember your long distance journey with us

Do we know if there are any liveries which won’t be included in the new update?

My first flight with Infinite Flight was on this A380! I will definitely miss it but I also definitely like the new A380!

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Does anyone know if the updated A380 will be free (ie: not require a pro subscription)?

It won’t be free. Too much work has gone into it.

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Understand. Just curious as the A380 is currently included with the base app. I know the 757 underwent a major rework and was complementary.

Hopefully the Airbus GPWS update for all Airbus in the fleet will be complementary

This is because it was a Legacy aircraft which was really old. Any new reworked aircrafts will not be available for free.

This is also because it was done a long time ago.