Farthest route the A321 can reach?

Randomly Browsing into YT when i saw a Flight with A321neo flight from Toronto to London. then i think of doing the same in a Air Canada A321ceo because of we dont have an A321neo on the sim. is that possible?

This is the video i am talking about

P.S: without refueling

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Yes it is possible. Just make sure to have a low load factor, such as low cargo and pax. I did a flight from LPPT-KJFK a few weeks ago with a 321 (although IRL they operate 757) because it is a more modern aircraft in the IF fleet and I made it fine. Flight time was around 7hr, but it said it could go for another 5. I’m pretty sure it can make Toronto to London but just make sure you manage the load factor good.

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I believe the longest A321NEO route might be Manila to Brisbane, about 8 hours. They also flew Manila to Sydney but now use the A330 because the 321 had to diver too often

And that title is really Clickbaity, Toronto to London is 6:30-7 Hours Max, definitely not 8


I think Dublin to Philadelphia A321-neo Aer Lingus is farthest, 8hrs, 5min…
I might be wrong, but it is one of the farthest

I’ll look up the distances
Philly to Dublin Is only 6 hours, compared to 7 coming back

Oh okay, on google flights, it said dublin to philly 8hrs 5 min… maybe an approximate?

I think they included a stopover

It could be longer if you factor in winds.

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GF would tell you of a stopover if that’s the case.

Ok then I am gonna try KEWR-LFPG. If i ran out of fuel, im gonna divert to EGLL or EHAM.

PHL-DUB: 2484 NM
YYZ-LHR (I realize that was Gatwick) : 3090 NM
MIA-BSB (Braisilia, AA will use 321s on this route): 3127 NM
MNL-BNE: 3126 NM

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A flight such as London Gatwick to JFK, with the A318 stops in Shannon Ireland

You should be fine for that flight, I flew KPHL-DAAG yesterday in 737

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im gonna put full tank and see what happens in the next hours :) imma go

You forgot LIS-NAT 3070nm

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I didn’t know that route existed tbh, who flies it?

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@Edivan_dcds can give you more info on this HAHAHAHA

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Dallas/Fort Worth to Fairbanks with the AA A321 is a good one. About 7-7:30 in length.

Air Portugal. Not too sure if the route exists yet or is too exist, but you can book their flight with the 321LR. It’s from Portugal to Brasil.

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I did HESH-KLGA in an A321 with 100% fuel and 0 passengers and cargo. I landed with 20 minutes of fuel left after this 12 hour flight and ~70kts headwind all the time. I think you can fly even longer with a perfect tailwind.

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