Farther rear wing view on the reworked 772

I have noticed that on the reworked 772 the left wing view is very close to the center of the wing and you can’t really see the flaps or spoilers much, It would be very cool to have a wing view from like the last row as you have on the CRJ series because then you could see the flap mechanisms working, this would be very cool.

Yes, I definitely agree. You have my support in this!

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It’s about the same as the A359 and I have no problems checking out the flaps and spoilers 🤷‍♂️ If anything I may like it a little more than the old view. I don’t really see a need to change the camera angle.

I feel like this thread is more appropriate for this need as it suits all aircraft and has greater freedom.

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Feature requests for camera angles for specific aircraft seem to be allowed as seen in this one: