Farsight - IFATC Warning System

Hello members,

Today I am announcing to you a new resource for IFATC controllers, trainees, trainers, testers, and supervisors. I am calling it Farsight. Farsight is a bust-awareness web application which constantly scans for terrain and traffic busts, when a bust is found, the active controller (or observer) will see a flashing message at the top of the screen alerting them of the aircraft’s impending doom. The controller can then view the aircraft information in the grid section of the panel and take appropriate actions.

This is what the grid layout looks like:

This will be a good tool for IFATC trainers as well as they can see if any of their controllers’ aircraft with one another or with terrain. The bust criteria is the same as that in the IFATC manual section

The public beta of this system will be available soon.

Special thanks to:

I am looking forward to sharing with you all more screenshots and information as they come available. I’ll be active in the replies section answering questions and concerns.


hey, any updates? :)

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