Faroe Island Terrain (EKVG)

Terrain around EKVG (Vagar) on the Faroe Islands requires attention. The Faroe Islands are steep, rocky islands in the North Atlantic. The approach to Rwy 12 is one of the most breathtaking as it flies an offset from the ILS along a steep fjord. The terrain in the app is appearing flat and not doing this approach it’s full justice. Please address this.


Unfortunately, the app does currently not support topographical data above the 60th parallel north. This causes the terrain to be flat in those areas.

It will probably be implemented at a later time.
Same goes for Iceland, Greenland and major parts of countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Canada and the state of Alaska.

You can see which areas are affected in this Wiki article:

Sorry for any inconvenience!


Thanks for the reply! Hopefully this can be sorted for future updates. It would be a shame if it couldn’t be! Such a great app!

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