Farnborough International Airshow-Infinite flight edition @ EGLF - 191230ZSEP16

Server: Casual Server

Region: London

Airport: EGLF

Time: 1230Z

Date: *19th September 2016"

NOTAM: We are using casual because as IFFIA16 needs aerobatics so, users could get violated in Training and/or Expert.

787 vertical takeoff: @AsianaIFVA
C-17 airport circling: @Bulba
737BBJ Private 3 livery low-pass: @AtomicHerbster4
F-22 low speed low-pass: @nuoneswars
Viewers come with a C172.

We don’t have many acts for 3 reasons:
1-We don’t have many of the aircraft that performed in FIA16
2-We don’t have so much time
3-Some of the maneuvers performed in FIA16 are hard to recreate


Isn’t this a bit late? my local airport btw :)


@anon45516261 I’ll take the 737 low pass spot please if possible. 👍

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I know it’s late but at the real FIA16, I was TL1!

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Ok then. See you.

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I would come and watch, but I don’t have live

Is there a reason you’re leaving out the A380? Because I can do a vertical takeoff, turn and low pass in that, unless you want more of a display If you’re leavig it out for a reason then I’ll just watch

This isn’t a yes but if I can get there I’ll do the f-22 fly by

Okay. I’ll reserve that for you.

Use this as a Guide!

Im going to watch i think. Cool idea!

I can do the c-17 airport circling. but get more people on that in case I don’t make it

Ok. I will try to. Event starting is now firmed. IFFIA16 will not be cancelled.

Wait now. If now I can com right now.

This is an event. You should come at the event’s specific time.

Oh but you said[quote=“AsianaIFVA, post:13, topic:68284”]
Event starting is now

So I thought It’s now.

I will probs come along to watch

Where’s the A380?

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Can’t have FIA without an A380

If you can volunteer to do a low pass with it, okay.

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