Farnborough International Airshow 2022 News Thread

Farnborough International Airshow 2022

The Farnborough International Airshow is upon us once again and it has returned in style. Beginning on Monday, 18th July 2022 and running through to Friday, 22nd July 2022, expect to see plenty of news from the aviation world as orders, rumours and other interesting news emerges from one of the largest aviation events in the world.

Split into four main categories in this thread, news from the commercial, military and developmental sectors will be covered, alongside links that will bring you to various articles with more information. The final category will be the rumour category, where highly publicised articles with no official confirmation from either operator or manufacturer will be placed in.

Exhibitor List

Exhibitor List

No airshow is complete without planes being present. This airshow being no exception, there are too many to cover in detail, however, here are some of the headlining aircraft in both the commercial and military sectors.

Boeing 737 MAX 10


The longest of the Boeing 737 MAX family, this plane has had nothing but trouble in recent months. Certification issues and delays among other delays throughout the groundings mean that at the earliest, we’ll only see the certifications at the end of this year, let alone commencing deliveries.

Despite that, the B737 MAX 10 might steal the show with some rumoured orders from major legacy carriers that might soon be announced.

Boeing 777-9X

As you might have seen in the image above, the B777-9X will be the main star of the show. Boeing’s latest and newest flagship, quite like other recent planes, have been nothing but delays, trouble and groundings.

This won’t be the first airshow for the B777-9X this year, as it has spent a week in Singapore earlier this year at the Singapore Airshow. That said, it has been a quiet year for the flagship so far, with few, if any orders being placed, with a lot of news surrounding orders mainly being conversions to other types, or surrounding the yet-to-be B777-8F variant.

Airbus A350-900

A look into the future, while being the theme of this editing of the Farnborough Airshow, is also the theme that Airbus is playing nicely into. Airbus will be bringing their A350-900 instead of their A380-800. This is the first major airshow to not feature the type and though it is something that’s already well known, the future is in the much smaller and more efficient A350-900.

With orders potentially being on the table, who could possibly be making a move with the European manufacturer?

Qatar Airways Boeing 787-9 and Boeing 777-300ER

Qatar Airways are nothing short of style. This time, at the Farnborough Airshow, they’ve brought along two widebodies of their own. Their fallout with Airbus in recent months is nothing but extraordinary, but could we see any order come from them at this airshow?

Embraer E2

Embraer’s E2 has long been their regional competitor to Airbus and Bombardier’s A220 series. Orders for the type is often few and far between, but that isn’t stopping the Brazillian manufacturer from putting on a show in Farnborough.

Bringing in not one but two of their Embraer E2, both the E190-E2 and E195-E2 will be on display across all five days of the show.

United States Air Force

While news surrounding the Farnborough Airshow primarily relates to the commercial sector, this is also an opportunity for the military to bring their latest innovations to exhibit. The United States Air Force is no exception, with their F-15E, F16C, F-35A, C-130H and CH-47 Chinook being the most iconic to participate.

Gulfstream Private Jets

One of the most exciting developments in the world of private jets is the brand new Gulfstream G800. Having made its first transatlantic crossing and flying from Savannah to Farnborough in just under 7 hours, this jet not only flies far, but also does so ridiculously fast with a cruise speed of up to mach 0.925.

On top of that, for a few years now, Gulfstream has had a sizeable operation at Farnborough, having opted to open a service centre at the airport in 2020, with well over 200 employees based there. Being able to accommodate up to 13 of their largest aircraft, it’s no wonder that they have brought along their G500, G600, G650ER and G700.

Turkish Aerospace Industries


With 9 aircraft being brought to the Farnborough Airshow and 2 planes flying from Monday through to Friday, Turkish Aerospace Industries has doubled down on this airshow to show off their creations. While some of these are still work-in-progress aircrafts, they are certainly not letting that rain on their week out at Farnborough.


Commercial Aircraft News

Delta Air Lines Announces Huge Boeing 737 MAX 10 Order

The first big move of the Farnborough Airshow has happened, and Delta Air Lines has announced a stupidly massive order for 100 B737 MAX 10 with 30 further options. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2025 and run through to 2029.

For more information, feel free to read this article.

TAAG Angola To Replace B737-700 with 6 A220-300


A slightly more minor order, but still one with a lot of discussion to be had, TAAG Angola has opted to directly replace their fleet of aging B737-700 with 6 A220-300. Rather interestingly, this is one of a few occasions where the regional jet has started creeping into the large narrow body segment where it can be seen as a direct replacement instead of a complementing aircraft. Typically, A220-300 orders have been placed to replace other regional jets.

For more information, feel free to read this article.

Boeing and ANA Confirms Boeing 737 MAX and Boeing 777-8F Selection

All Nippon Airways has finalised an order with Boeing for 20 Boeing 737 MAX 8 with 10 further options, as well as two Boeing 777-8F for their cargo subsidiary. Historically a loyal Boeing customer, ANA has had their fair share of issues with Boeing’s recent planes, seen in the battery fire and fuel leaks on their Boeing 787 Dreamliners early on, though they have seem to put that behind them and are still looking at Boeing for their future.

In total, ANA’s order tally with Boeing stands at 61 Boeing 737 MAX, 2 Boeing 777-8F, 18 Boeing 777-9 and a handful more Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

For more information, feel free to read this article.

Military Aircraft News

News will be posted here once officially announced.

Aircraft Development News

News will be posted here once officially announced.


Malaysia Airlines Rumoured to Order 21 A330neo

For a few months, Malaysia Airlines has been in talks with various aircraft manufacturers for a replacement for their current fleet of A330-200 and A330-300. Boeing, on one hand, was offering their B787-9 and B787-10, as well as possibly developing a B787-10ER should the demand for range exist. On the other hand, Airbus has been offering their A330neo and A350 line up which is an option that makes more sense given the fleet commonality.

For a long time, Airbus has been leading the charge in earning Malaysia Airline’s orders, with an order expected sometime during the Farnborough Airshow.

For more information, feel free to read this article.

Jet Airways Airbus Order On The Table


Jet Airways are reportedly in talks with Airbus for an order for up to 50 A320neo and A220s. While Boeing and Embraer are also in talks with the former bankrupt airline, it is reported that Airbus has emerged the front-runner to win this order that is repotedly worth up to USD 5.5 billion.

For more information, feel free to read this article.

Tata Owned Air India A350 Order


Possibly being the first airline in India to operate the A350, Air India has been in talks with Airbus for a massive order. While no comment has been made by Airbus and Air India’s Chief Commercial Officer refusing to comment on the matter, leaked documents sent to senior pilots within the airline informing them that they will be re-training to the A350 is certainly an indication that an order is imminent.

For more information, feel free to read this article.

For any breaking news, please feel free to make use of the thread to discuss any major moves and rumours throughout this airshow. Enjoy the festivities and I can’t wait to see the aviation industry come bouncing back.


Starting the show off with one hell of a bang, Delta announces an order for 100 firm B737 MAX 10 with 30 options. Deliveries to begin in 2025 through to 2029.


The best day of my life… what a livery and finally on my baby


Boeing and All Nippon Airways firm up 737-MAX and 777XF commitment. Agreement entails an order for 20 MAX-8’s with an additional 10 options, while a pair of 777-9 orders are converted to 777-8F’s.


It’s interesting that Delta placed an order considering the delays with the 737-10 and Boeing announcing a “a world without the 737-10 would not be the worst thing”.


The A220 would look amazing with that livery.

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It’s interesting they didn’t buy the -8 or -9 since those are flying already.

I think delta ordered the jet will put more pressure on the FAA to get the aircraft certified

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And the question is if that’s a good thing given Boeing’s recent past

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For quite a while, Delta has been somewhat critical of Boeing, with Ed Bastian, Delta’s CEO, saying the Boeing 737 MAX scandal has “traumatised” the aviation industry. I for one do certainly agree with him.

Boeing does not need more pressure. They need to start making planes without quality issues.


But there are still delays till at least 2025. Is it worth it for them when some of their a321N were already delivered. And the -8 and -9 are flying.

No there aren’t any delays as of yet on the max 10. It’s supposed to be certified by the end of the year but there are rumors it could be delayed. The 777X is what is delayed until 2025

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Few things:

Delta will begin receiving the MAX 10 in 2025, so if it’s certified before that, they still won’t get the plane until 2025.

The deal has an agreement in place where if the MAX 10 doesn’t happen, they can switch to another MAX model (8 or 9).

This is very different from the A321neo, Delta’s MAX 10’s are going to seat 182 people, only 2 more than their 737-900s (compared to the bigger 194 seats of the A21N). This essentially positions the MAX 10 as a replacement for the older 737-800s and A320s while having a capacity bump, and keeps the A21N as it’s own thing and a 757 replacement with more seats.

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Oh thanks, I thought it was delayed with the certification. But I guess I misunderstood and thought it was delayed with the -10 not the 777X. But either way both aircraft are great aircraft and I would love to see it flying soon.

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So if the a321N could seat more people, why aren’t they using it to replace the old a320s and the old 737s. Are they planning to replace their 757s?

In addition, I’m not saying that they should replace the 757 with the a321N. I’m saying separately are they planning to replace it.

Taag 737-700 retirement is kinda sad read a article about them and the airline seemed cool

LOT close to order A220




This airshow is very important to both Boeing and airbus in terms of orders. I wonder how many orders they will get.

I’m going on Friday, who else is?

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