Farnborough Airshow Public Weekends Axed

Hi guys,

It has been announced that Public Weekends at alll future Farnborough Airshows have been cancelled. This is due to dwindling numbers of spectators and lack of interest in displays. Opinions?


Yes read this news this morning. Sad news as I live only a few miles away and have enjoyed going in the past. It has always been more of a “trade” show rather than for the public displays, which is reflected in the price to attend. For both my Wife and I to attend last time it was £100!

There are a few areas around where you can go to watch the air displays for free, but best area is on the Army training ground which they close during the air show…

Will keep going to the Bournemouth Air Show as that is always great and free to attend!


You will still be able to view the aircraft exhibition on a Friday I believe.

Friday is a work day for me, so unlikely to attend for that.

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This is really sad news! I really liked it. but what @David_Lockwood said:

This was sadly true.

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