Farnborough Airshow 2016: Airbus A380 Flying Display

When the World’s Largest Passenger Airliner Takes to the Skies, People Always stop and Watch. When it Happens a few metres from where you are standing, its a Whole Different Experience! Watch as the 4th A380 to have been built Rockets out of Farnborough at an Almost Vertical Angle! The Stunts that the Pilots put the Aircraft through were Phenomenal! It was one of the Coolest things I have ever seen!

Unfortunately, the AIB380 (The Flight’s Callsign) only made few passes and my Sony A58 became my priority as I snapped nearly a Hundred Shots of the Display. Still, I managed to Capture the Takeoff, Landing and a Flypast Close Up! I’ve also included some shots from the Display as the Custom Thumbnail if you want to have a look! Enjoy and Like, Comment and Subscribe! :D


Awesome video :)! and nice video quality, is your Sony an DSLR ? :)

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Yes, the Sony A58 is a DSLR with 18-55 and 55-300mm lenses

Nice 👍 also DSLR user here, Canon eos 1300D 18-55mm lens 😊

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Guess who got a private tour of the aircraft from the pilot who flew the display 😏


Great video! Thanks for sharing!

Lucky you! How long was the tour?

10/15 minutes. I was there with @Aernout which helped 😉


Outstanding, you lucky guys!!

I heard it take off from my garden ( wasn’t able to get there for various reasons). Though from my garden saw the F35 and also just seen the biplanes with the wing walkers fly over!


This was filmed on my Canon Powershot SX510 HS

Wow that’s Awesome! And Thanks to all of you @David_Lockwood @Captain_Rojas @Airkuazz


Awesome shows from Airbus! That F18 was pretty noisy tough.

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Oh yes it was! I swear that and the Typhoon made the ground physically shake!

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