Farewell Virgin America - Let Us Take The Skies From Here

What do you mean by that?

If there will still be VA liveries in sep?

Alaska may keep one as a special, I don’t know their budget on repainting, so maybe, but I would assume no?

Cool… I was just curious because Alaska starts flights to PIT in September so was hoping if it was a 320 for an old livery…



Dang that’s so sad! Never like it when a major US carrier falls.

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I flew for 36 hours including layovers from Tuesday to yesterday. I flew straight to Alaska, turned right around 2.5 hours later and flew back to RDU in real life lol. I saw a few Virgin American planes. I should have taken some photos but I was tired as all hell. It was cool to see the last departures and landings in person though. It sucks what happened to them.

I’ll admit that safety video was a personal favorite of mine 😢

Goodbye Virgin America :/ I did have one problem was when I was going to Maui and a stop in SFO. I flew Virgin to SFO and then to Maui in Hawaii. We we got to Hawaii, all our luggage was gone and we found out it was left in McCarran. Other then that Virgin America was a great airline! RIP

I heard the end of 2019.

Airlines often have to offload luggage if the cargo hold is full or the aircraft is over a safe weight for takeoff. Otherwise it could have been a transfer mistake.

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