Farewell Virgin America - Let Us Take The Skies From Here

Not My Words: Overnight, after the final Virgin America flights were completed at 29 airports, Alaska switched out all the Virgin America branding, including all signs and screens at curbside locations, lobbies, ticket counters, gates and baggage areas. Virgin America employees also switched to using Alaska’s computer systems.
This means that as of Wednesday morning, Virgin America operations have disappeared.
”We’ll have a single flight network,” Alaska said in a statement. “All flights will be referred to as Alaska Airlines flights. There will only be Alaska ticket counters, gates and baggage claim areas. We’ll operate one website (alaskaair.com), one mobile app (Alaska’s) and only Alaska check-in kiosks at airports. We’ll have a single call center.”

Credit for photo to USA Today

My Words*: I am legit sad today. I woke up this morning and it hit me what had happened overnight. The final Virgin America flights had ti Chef safely wheels down. Of all the irliens I’ve had the pleasure to fly, VX was one of the few that’s stuck in my mind as being an amazing airline. Few airlines I fly are “amazing” they may be “okay” or “decent” or (in F9’s case) “the best airline in the world”. But very few earning “amazing” in my book. In fact the only airline I know of that earned that was Virgin America. And I had the honor of flying their DEN - SFO flight only a month or so before VX fully bought them out. I’ve linked my two VX videos on my YouTube channel below. I am truly heartbroken we have lost such an amazing airline.

Goodbye Virgin America! Let us take the skies from here…and as always thank you for flying Virgin America!!!

I had to post and enjoy their safety demo one last time.


Sad to see Virgin America go. It was a great airline. I wish I had the chance to fly with them. The aviation community truly lost a great airline last night. :(

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Wow, i remember them and passing a VA crew at ORD.They seemed happy, i’m quite sad.

My best wishes go to all the employees at their new company.


I still to this day can’t believe my luck when I came across their $70 ticket DEN - SFO. I grabbed it in an instance and because of that I had the chance to enjoy a final time an amazing carrier.

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Farewell Virgin America. Now my Virgin America A321neo Gemini jet is now historical

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Alaskan did a great job with the merge. It wasn’t nearly as sloppy as the merges with United, American, and Delta (granted, it is easier with a smaller airline).


I really liked Virgin America! Flew on that airline many times! Gonna miss ya! Imma still fly ya in I.F.! LoL


Really sad to see them go.
My mom’s cousin works for them at JFK, and posted a bunch of pictures&videos from the last Virgin America flight out of JFK yesterday. Definitely an iconic airline!!!

I hate Alaska Airlines for doing this. In other news though perhaps Richard Branson could restart the airline, he was extremely disappointed at the outcome and I believe he could very well do it from a legal standpoint.


I flew with VX once and let me tell you:

It was one of the best experiences on an airplane that you can get.

  • Nice and friendly staff
  • Beautiful plane in and out
  • Really nice cabin ambience
  • Fun safety video (and a safety video that I actually like)
  • Really nice cabin chimes

I will genuinely miss this airline.

Farewell, Virgin America :(


We ♥️ Virgin America!



Whaaaat!!! I cannot believe it, no one would think. Too sad :/. I really liked their livery tbh…

Oh well.

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Thank you for sharing! It was saddening that they had to be bought out!

I can personally attest that everything you said was correct! I miss them and will treasure my trip report and “amenity kit” with joy.

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“To be successful on the West Coast we had to do so under one name – for consistency and efficiency, and to allow us to continue to deliver low fares” -Sangita Woerner, Alaska Airlines Vice President of Marketing.

I believe this was good for Alaska Airlines. People are only viewing the bad sad - the fact that Virgin America is terminated. This is very good for Alaska Airlines, and what they did was something all big companies do.

Everyone’s entitled to what they think. Yes, it is sad to see a airline loved by many people gone, but it’s also good to see that another competitive airline is rising up.


Wow I’m very dissapointed. I flew them several times, and I am lucky enough to have saved a napkin, cup, & safety card off one of my several flights I took with them.

I’ll leave you off with something everyone has come to, and always will, appreciate:

(Yes I realize Robert posted this in the main post but who doesn’t like posting a revolutionary safety video twice?)

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How long until all the planes are repainted?

Shouldn’t be too long… considering there are only ~60 of them

Here is a funny video to remember them by…

Always loved that call sign…


Think they could last till September?