Farewell US Airways

US Airways is set to have its final flights on Friday, October 16th, 2015.

To pay tribute to this amazing airline, I have come up with a proposal.

The final 2 flights are SFO-PHL and PHX-DEN.

If IF could make a event with US Airways aircraft ONLY taking off from SFO and another landing in DEN, I, and many others, will appreciate it greatly. The flights will be departing at sunset so if it could be timed like that, that would be perfect.


Long live the DC-9!


Yep no more Cactus now. It’s so sad

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What will happen to all their planes

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Goodbye cactus. Had some good pilots especially the guy in cactus14 during the Hudson River crash.

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Repainted into American Airlines livery or sent to the boneyard (😢).

All of USAir’s retrojets and one other US Airways plane will retain their current liveries, except with the “US Airways” replaced with “American Airlines”.

Long live the DC-9’

They should let people buy them but every time ive been on US airways the flights attends were really loud. They have the lowest satisfaction rate of any airline.

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US Airways had minimal/meh service but they had a wonderful legacy.

Likely a way to buy a plane-Not sure how.

Long live the DC-9!

I would love to buy an A319 but id have to be rich

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I would put it in bpmy back yard

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A319 would be a dream 😍. All the A319-100s from my understanding will be integrated into the fleet. There are some ex-Brannif A320s though 😏.

Long live the DC-9!

One off their a330s come’s to Ireland three times a week

Glad I got to fly US Airways last month for the first time from DEN-CLT and CLT-NAS! Farewell Cactus. USAir truly was an iconic airline.

I had a horrible experience

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My Dad had 27 years with US and i grew up around it , i will miss the airline :( and especially the beautiful lineup of US tails when visiting CLT. RIP UsAir image

I remember Terminal C at LGA when it was filled with the black US Airways and, then white US Airways, then now Delta is invading (I wasn’t an avgeek during the rust/chrome paint scheme)…

While I was never much a fan of their service, I’m gonna miss that nice livery they got on their planes…

At least one of their A320s is preserved at a museum :relaxed:.

Long live the DC-9!

1 Word: Lucky.

I took my last flight back in 2005 or 2006 on a CR2 from LGA-IND-LGA. Last 50-seater flight too-I don’t anticipate flying on a E145.

Long live the DC-9!

I’m going to miss them, they were a great airline, good thing I have tons of videos with US Airways

Wow sad! I have always wonderd WHY CATCUS as the call sign but whatever loved they plane desgins ill always have the Embraer one lol

@Liam_Murray_LiamPump CACTUS was inherited from America West. In the souhwest (PHX)/America West territory, there are lots of cactuses 😀.

Long live the DC-9!

Lol Coool didnt know that