Farewell to The Queen- A Boeing 747 Tribute

With Boeing’s recent announcement that they would be ending 747 production, I thought I would create this video in memory of the 747, The Queen of The Skies. I hope you guys enjoy, and if you do, please don’t hesitate to like, subscribe, and leave a comment. It would be greatly appreciated. :)


The 747 will be missed. :(

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Farewell, queen of the skies, you will me missed by all of us. I only ever spotted her three times and gotten photos, and I’ve provided my best photo of the 747 below. I’ll truly miss the 747, whoops! I meant the queen of the skies. Farewell, and enjoy your retirement! 😪👋🏻

Lufthansa 747 departing KIAD.

Credit: Me


Your lucky to have seen her while she is still around. :)

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I’m pretty sure Korean Air will keep their 748s for a while, but still cool
Lufthansa 747 (idk which variant) on final at my home airport. I’ll miss these birds when all of em get retired. 😔


Nice tribute. All time favorite. Thanks. I am lucky to have flown on a 747 several times since 2008…between EHAM and HKJK, EHAM and KLAX 2018, YBBN to KLAX (Qantas)2013. Will forever stay in memory

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The 747 will for sure will be missed by many. I’ve been fortunate enough to fly on one… Twice!

I flew on VH-OEI back in November 2019, during the short time she had the “Go Wallabies” decals on it in support of the Australian Rugby team, the “Wallabies”.

I flew from Sydney to Brisbane, and Brisbane back to Sydney. This was a ferry flight so the aircraft could conduct it’s Antarctic Tours from Brisbane.

To me, the jumbo has a special spot in my mind. The Qantas 747, without a doubt, is one of the most iconic liveries, on one of the most iconic aircraft. I for one will be saddened when watching her final departure from Australian soil, on Wednesday at 2pm AEST.

Here’s “Ceduna” pulling into Gate 24 at Brisbane last year…

Farewell, Queen 👑.



Beautiful video, the B747 will be dearly missed.

However, you made quite a big mistake in the video. China Airlines is from Taiwan - not China as you said in the video.

Taiwan has its own anthem too:

And flag:


No comments about putting a Cathay Pacific B747 under the Chinese anthem, but it wasn’t all too nice to see. It was definitely not that nice to generalise the two under China.


Loved the video! Enjoyed all 16 mins of it!

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will be sure to address this in the comments. I was a little confused on whether Hong Kong was part of China, but it totally slipped my mind that China Airlines was from Taiwan. I hope you accept my apology. :)

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i feel bad for the 747 even as a “airbus is bae” fan

@Aviationer Yes! Hopefully they are still around for a little while longer. :)
@Adam_S You are so lucky to have flown on a 747 twice!
@Vinne Once again I apologize and will address the issue in the comments.
@Hardlanding_Hussain Thank you so much! That means a lot! :)


Yes. It is a very sad time for such an amazing aircraft! :(

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i went to frankfurt once and saw MANY 744s and i couldn’t get my eye off them… they are just amazing…

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You are so lucky! Sometimes I would see the British Airways landing in Phoenix. :)

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