Farewell To The Name Vidal99977

Well in case you have not noticed recently, I will be inactive for a year due to things in life that are best kept private.

And along with that, a change.

When I return, I will no longer be known as Vidal99977.

My YouTube channel will no longer be Vidal 99977.

And with that is all said,

My final words are:

“Keep on flying! You will learn much more as you progress through your grads. Never quit on what you love most, keep working on it. Trust me, you will acheive your goals.”


Let’s get an F in the chat for Vidal. I flipping love this guy.


sad violin plays


well i hope you know what you are doing ! see you in a year!

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Heard on SimplePlanes about this, I wish you luck on your future endeavors!

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Oooooffffff man

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I hope you return soon! Good luck

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See you soon Vidal, Godspeed and good luck! Whatever it is, you’ll ace it man. Take care!

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Have fun! Time will go by in no time!

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