Farewell to an aviation legend. The last of the the “Doolittle Raiders” passes.

The United States Air Forces said farewell to a legend today. As Lt Colonel Dick Cole passed away. Colonel Cole was apart of the greatest generation and helped paved the way for the foundation principles of the USAF. He was a Doolittle raider. If you don’t know the story behind Doolittle’s raiders it’s definitely worth the read. It’s sad to say goodbye but as an Airman I will never forget the legacy and sacrifice that these men made. So I say thank you for being apart of the legends that inspired me to serve such as Robin Olds, Chuck Yeager ,Claire Chennault and many more.

God speed Airman your mission is completed. To follow up what the article states there is one heck of a party going on as another Doolittle brother is welcomed home with open arms.

You can read the full article below.


No better date to die than the anniversary of the 737’s first flight. He served our nation well, Rest in Peace.


Rest in Peace buddy, you guys were awesome!

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Missing man formation flown by myself, @Nate_Schneller and @Rocco_Palen.

May he Rest In Peace, an American Hero 🇺🇸.


Rest in peace. You will be missed

This is truly heartbreaking. I have read a lot about the Doolittle Raid, and the danger that the pilots went through in completing the mission.
This means that the last cup has been overturned.

Here is a picture of Richard Cole after the attack:

credit to Wikipedia

RIP to all the courageous Doolittle Raid pilots.

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Rest in peace to this beloved hero. We will certainly miss you.
Thank you for all you do for the United States!
103 years old is absolutely amazing! :O :D

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