Farewell Thomas Cook @EGKK 061700ZOCT19. [Sponsored by TCVA]

Server: Expert

Airport: EGKK

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: Only Thomas Cook liveries for this flight. Please respect ATC if there is any or unicom



Personally you could add some more information, like gates, pictures, etc.


I dont want to do gates as i would love to see everyone anywhere at EGKK.

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Well you could add some more details, a picture would be nice. You don’t have to but hey I’m not the boss of you.

Simple at the minute see if people become intrested and then add photos

Can a mod close this as it is now going live on the TCVA website.

Can I come?

Btw is it today?

I Hope your VA will still active even if thé réal airline ceased operations

Hi can I fly in from Innsbruck in the Thomas Cook A321

It isnt a fly in. Its a group flight over every airport TCX severed

@Zak_Plant your title’s time format is incorrect. It should be DDHHMMZMONYY.

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