Farewell, Swoop

Today (October 28th 2023 local time), Swoop airlines has officially ceased operations. Swoop was a Canadian Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier (ULCC) owned by WestJet. Swoop, was my favourite airline subsidiary, even though i never flew with them.

Im gonna take this baby for one last spin, for the books.


Route: CYEG → CYXX
Flight time: 1:13
Cruise: FL340

My little pink plane taking off from YEG


Crossing the Rockies just one more time…


Coming down into YXX (my WIP airport). Farewell, Swoop.


I hope you enjoyed my little sad post about a random subsidiary, but thanks for sticking along.


aww no more swoop i was looking forward to airports in canada


Well that’s sad 😢
Here are some pics when I flew them from Las Vegas to Hamilton . I was actually planning on flying them again but now I guess that won’t be happening sadly .


Beautiful post. I’ll defiantly have to take it to the graveyard soon, or maybe I’ll just pretend it’s still flying. :)

I never flew this livery but I kind of didn’t need to as when I fly in Canada, I always go for Air Canada cause their livery is fire lol

Yessss, agreed @Southwest_2115. I fly from LGA-YYZ 5 or 6 times a year, and that Air Canada A220 Retro livery is always a favorite of mine to fly. Least favorite is the American E175. 🙁

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Interesting. I am flying on a Delta CRJ soon and I hope I like it

Ooh, to Toronto? Nice! The Delta CRJs are tight but not terrible.

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I remember when Swoop flew to Palm Springs during a short time. Sad to see them go, had such a great livery


Yesss!! (10)

No from LGA-GRR

Oh, got it.

I had no idea this existed but rip swoop

Wow. That’s pretty sad tbh. Anyone know why they ceased operations?

You had to work that in there 😂😂😂

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They didnt cease operations necessarily. Swoop is WestJet’s low cost subsidiary and WestJet decided to end that and integrate Swoop into them. I think it was decided because of contract issues with pilots because Swoop pilots were paid lower, but they will now all be WestJet pilots.


Oh, ok. Thanks for the clarification!

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Really? That was really quick!

Perhaps WestJet should have seen this coming. Delta tried doing a low cost airline called Song and United with Ted by United. All tries failed spectacularly. It goes to show that regular airlines should just stick to what they do and allow other low cost carriers to appear on their own.

What do you mean?