Farewell Queen

Hello all , as the schedule for yesterday was to bid farewell to the pride of Britain 🇬🇧 the queen of skies BA 747 , I flew from London Heathrow to John F Kennedy airport .
It was fun to see many jumbos along the way and at heathrow

Here r some clicks …
Nothing beats the BA 747 u maybe goen but not from our hearts… Love ❤️

FT : 6:10
Server : Expert

Here is IFCAN in background @if.canada

I will miss ofc …Greatest aircraft ever made 🥰
@if.england@if.UK @Speedbird_286

Thanks to ifatc for graet service as always

Have you travelled the BA 747 comment below? Which was your favourite route and seating ? Do u like to see more contents like this say below ?

Thank you for your support ♥️


Nice shots Hari!

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Thanks mate hope your doing well and others too …I miss you guys 🥺


Really cool shots :) The Queen is so legendary!

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KLM B744s:


Jokes aside - great photos! She will be missed…


Ikr KLM is just 🤩

Great Photos Hari! Me and @tunamkol flew this route yesterday too!

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Haha 😂 …
Qantas : we just drew a kangaroo … Am I a joke to you …
Thanks mate 🥰