Farewell Queen Of the Skies

The last two British Airways Boeing 747-400s flew into their retirement today, marking an end of an era in the British Airways fleet. G-CIVB (Negus livery) and G-CIVY both took off from Heathrow and flew to where their journeys would end. G-CIVY, which coincidentally is the BA B747 in Infinite Flight, took off, did a low pass over Heathrow and flew to St. Athan (EGDX) in the south of Wales. As that’s the livery in Infinite Flight, I decided to recreate the flight. Below are some pictures. Enjoy!

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British Airways Boeing 747-400 🇬🇧

The Boeing 747 is one of my favourite aircraft and means a lot to me. When I was little, I used to live very close to Heathrow and I used to lay in the garden and watch the aircraft fly over at ~3,000ft. The most iconic one was the B747 which was extremely loud. Or even when I went to Heathrow, I used to stand on my tiptoes to see over the barrier on the fence and I saw loads of B747s, most of them from British Airways.

Farewell QOTS ✈️


Sad to see the Queen of the Skies to go away 🥺🥺🥺. Really great pictures tho 😍😍! I especially liked the seventh one :)

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Amazing pictures!

It really is truly sad to see these planes being retired.

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