Farewell, OpenSkies

OpenSkies to Cease Operations

OpenSkies, most famous for flying their B757 and B767 on transatlantic flights between Paris Orly and New York, are to cease operations on the 2nd September 2018, as it merges it’s operations with IAG’s new low-cost carrier, Level.

OpenSkies was formed a decade ago, as a Subsidiary of British Airways. British Airways wanted to be less dependent on it’s Heathrow Hub, and had a desire to start flights between the US and continental Europe. OpenSkies took ownership of one single Boeing 757-200 from British Airways, and started its transatlantic hops to New York, from Paris Orly. The subsidiary grew after absorbing the French airline “L’avion”, and later expanded their transatlantic flights with Flights from Amsterdam to New York, and Paris Orly to Washington. These were later suspended indefinitely due to economic reasons. OpenSkies now operates from Paris Orly to New York Newark, and New York John F. Kennedy airports, with a two aircraft fleet. (B767 & B757)

OpenSkies is arguably renowned for it’s comfort on it’s 8 hour transatlantic hops, with mainly Business and Premium Economy seating.

After 10 years of service, OpenSkies will cease operations on the 2nd September. It’s iconic Mistral callsign will be missed by aviation lovers on both sides of the pond.

Have You ever flown with OpenSkies?



I have never flown with OpenSkies, but I have heard many good things. It is sad to see the carrier leave the aviation world.


It definitely is. Would’ve loved to have flown with them, especially on their B757 - flying transatlantic in the 757 is getting rarer and rarer.

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Noooooo I loved spotting them now it’s going!

I guess there’ll be a few more ‘Level’ aircraft to spot soon. But in my opinion not quite so iconic!

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Still time to hop on a OpenSkies 757 to NY last minute - and bring that special someone with you


Never heard of them actually until now.😅 Sad to see them go though. Another airline dying.😞

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They aren’t dying in any aspect. They are simply merging with another airline owened by IAG that does the exact same thing.


That being said, it’ll be interesting to see what Level does with the aircraft and infrastructure OpenSkies has.

I’ll miss the callsign though, that’s for sure

I hate to break up the love fest for Openskies, but I didn’t have that great of an experience with them. I flew on the Openskies 767-300 from KEWR to LFPO in April, and I was rather disappointed with the service and the entertainment system. The seats weren’t that bad, but the pillow and blanket were a bit small. The entertainment system was pretty limited, and the screen was super small, compared to those on United’s and delta’s 767s. The flight wasn’t horrible, but definitely could’ve been better. While I didn’t fly in business class (Biz beds), I did see them and they seemed extremely basic and almost primitive for a business class seat. Small IFE screen, and almost no privacy. For business class, Openskies should’ve improved the experience. (But I guess that’s why they’re a “low cost carrier). Just my personal experience.

Yeah I know, but I didn’t know what words to use.😜

I’ve always seen them fly over my house near EWR. Sucks to see them go. Farewell Openskies.

BizBed seemed like a totally subpar product, just a reiteration of the abomination that is Club World.

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That’s exactly what I was saying, Biz bed is just economy except the seat lowers into a bed. Not worth the extra money for business

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Interesting to hear. Another point to make is that I don’t know how popular their routes are. Why fly to Orly when you can fly to Charles De Gaulle? Why fly to Newark when you can fly to JFK? I’d be interested to hear your opinion on this

For starters, flying out of EWR is usually cheaper than flying out of JFK. I also happen to think that EWR is a (relatively) nicer airport than JFK, with less delays and TSA lines. In addition, getting to EWR is easier for me then getting to JFK.

In my experience, Orly is also a much nicer airport than CDG, with good restaurants, short security lines, and modern terminals (at least the one I was in).

My flight wasn’t full, but the 767 was at least filled 75%. Not sure about the popularity of the JFK route.

The other reason I flew the EWR-ORY route with Openskies is that Openskies was simply the cheapest option available. As shown in my review above however, I definitely consider Openskies a low-cost carrier, with minimal amenities for a trans-Atlantic flight.


Sad to see this. I remember when one of their 757s diverted to BDL once and I was able to get up close to see it.

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Could BA not just buy many more a320’s and maybe one or two more 777x’s to do continental Europe routes. It is sad to see open skies go though

Aww, I’ve heard great things!! Goodbye Open Skies, I’ll miss seeing you flying around :(

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I don’t think you understand what this is about. Openskies is owned by IAG. IAG also owns LEVEL which uses the same business model. It doesn’t make sense from a business perspective to operate two separate airlines that offer the same product. Openskies and it’s assets will simply be transferred over to LEVEL and all flights after September 2nd will be operated by LEVEL.