Farewell, KLM 747!

Hello, guys! I just did the last KLM 747 flight from Mexico City MMMX to Amsterdam EHAM together with @AlphaSeven.

Flight Details:

Flight Time: Just under 10 hours
Date: 03-04.04.2020
Aircraft: KLM Boeing 747-400
Route: Mexico City MMMX - Amsterdam Schiphol EHAM
Server: Expert

A nice view of the engines from the cockpit window. The aircraft is ready, I am making my really long PA to the… non-existent passengers… I’m crazy, quarantine is the one to blame.

Turns out not only us two were doing this flight.

It’s surprising because the FNF had ended already, so not a lot of planes were doing this flight. The leftmost plane is me, the one in the middle is BravoCharlie and the rightmost is a person we don’t know.

Last takeoff for the good old KLM 747.

Beautiful plane with beautiful scenery.

I can get you guys another nice wing view!

Wow, that moon makes the 747 even more beautiful than it already is!

Above Amsterdam, the sun is rising and the 747 is about to land…


…And the sunrise makes that big bird shine bad pun alert

Parked the Queen of the Skies at its home…

And with that, I’d like to give the KLM 747 a farewell! It’s a really beautiful plane that I am going to miss so much every time I go planespotting… Farewell, Queen of the Skies!

None of the pictures were edited. Any critique, comments, tips and opinions are awaited, respected and appreciated!


Brilliant photos! Sad to see the queen of the skies go so soon…🛫🛬

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What makes this even more special is that PH-BFT flew the last flight and IF has the same exact registration on the KLM 747. Great shots!


great flight for KLM the queen of the skies
fly high KLM

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Incredible pictures! The 747 was an icon.