Farewell Infinite Flight

Hey fam!! I am not in the best of moods right now… I just received ANOTHER UNNECESSARY violation. This time, it was a level 3 for entering the runway without permission. Now, for those of you who fly mainly in the USA, y’all know that there’s almost never ATC in the picture. (At lease there’s not where I fly) Psychology tells us that after 21 days, things become a habit. After not having ATC over a very long period of time, I have gotten use to using the Unicom and not having to call for departure until I’m crossing the hood short line. I accidentally lined up on the runway, then called for departure and I was given a level 3 violation without a warning or anything. I had a 4 day trip planned. Only 1 day of flying and 2 legs had been completed. I was just starting the 3rd leg (LAX-BOS). This is the second time that I got an ATCer that was being an a*s**le. Where am I going with this… Over last couple years, I have payed $10 a month to gather more and more experience flying the planes I love. In the last month, I have been treated like scum by ATCers who don’t have some common courtesy. They could warn you before violation or they could simply understand the situation and let it slide. What I’m saying is that, I’m not gonna continue to pay money to keep getting violations for nonsense. Did I forget to mention… this violation took me from Grade 4 to Grade 2. Which means I have no access to expert server and waiting for an appeal is going to take all day clearly. I think I’m done with infinite flight. I’d rather fly solo or go to another sim rather than being treated like this… So unless IF decides to take back that unnecessary violation within the day (so I can continue my 4 day trip), I think I’m gonna get rid of the app 🤷🏾‍♂️ Good day


Hey man. I understand your frustrations. It is nice of a ATC to warn before giving a violation, but this is not necessary if it is a few-seconds-decision. Entering the runway without permission can cause a lot of problems for other aircraft. This is the reason this kind of violations are not much appealed. Making a topic like this won’t help getting rid of the violation.

Please watch your language. It is not okay to swear here, also not when using ***.



Yeah, but there was no aircraft(s) coming in behind me. I can care less about the violations because like I said, I’m pretty much done with IF

I am sorry that you had a frustrating experience. However, if you are on the expert server, such an act is deserving of a violation and the best thing to do is learn from your mistakes. We all make them so the best thing to do is to wait out the violations and fly another time.


As mentioned above, yes please be careful while flying and with the language you use well you may also appeal for these violations and hopefully get a reply soon. LAX was busy today ngl and because of the traffic its hard to give warnings while managing traffic so please try to understand the reason and be aware of your actions before doing them.


7 days is a lot of idle time. Also, accidents are not worthy of violation… repetition is

Couple things. First of all, bad mouthing or cussing out your controller won’t do anything to help get your violation removed.

Yeah, this is not a valid excuse. Los Angeles is a hub today, and as always, it’s incredibly busy. You can’t say you weren’t expecting ATC. Spawning into a major hub when it’s featured, you have to expect service and possible delays.

LAX was most presumably busy at the time, and lining up on a runway without any instruction is probable cause for a violation.

I myself was not present at the time, so if you feel this was totally unnecessary, look into your logbook and find the controller who reported you, and shoot them a respectful PM asking for their reasoning or a clarification so that you learn something from your mistakes. After that, if you still feel it was unfair, it can be taken to @appeals, where it can be removed if the violation was deemed as wrongly issued.

Please try the steps above and remember to be kind and respectful. There’s no need to leave the game because you made a mistake. Hope this helps!


So if I made a mistake whilst flying real life, it’s okay?

Last time I checked, landing on a runway without permission, taxiing through someone, not following instructions, it’s okay? I have to do it multiple times to get in trouble?


Sorry you’re upset, but the violation you received is unlikely to be reversed when you appeal it, as this was solely your fault. Don’t blame others for your mistakes. I have hundreds of hours in the sim and I can assure you I’ve never received a violation as a result of bad habits.


Well everyone makes them just like you so what makes you worthy of different treatment? My point being is that there’s nothing you can really do.

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Might I add, cussing out your controller is an automatic closure of the appeal, so…


I strongly disagree with this statement.

Also, violations are a way to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them. If people weren’t punished when they did something wrong, they’d not stop doing it.

Edit: Was typing a reply but can’t do it now that the topic was closed.

For post 16

You contradicted yourself.

Also, ATC choose what runways to use, and don’t follow real life procedures, in order to increase efficiency.


Okay. Now please let the mods take care of this, there is no need for further discussion. What should have been said is said.


Sometimes it’s best to look at both sides, on your end, you acknowledged that you made a mistake.

On ATC’s side, we see an aircraft running onto an active runway without permission getting ready to takeoff, which can hinder the efficiency of our airport and cause issues.

Expert Server is meant to be strict. It’s in the bio and everything. “Rules will be enforced by violations”


Well for one, you would be vectored in as soon as you enter the airspace. Secondly, no taxiing through someone and not following instructions is okay, but those are things that can be handled without violations. Taxiing or flying through someone, sure, violate away. Not following instructions is one of those things that are debatable. For example, last week, I was requesting to taxi to the actual active runway and the controller was still trying to send me to the opposite direction. I kept requesting for that runway hoping that maybe he’ll see that ATL had switched runway. And he didn’t, he was being a jerk and violated me. Even in real life, we make mistakes and you don’t automatically deserve the punishment. Sometimes we need a warning to get us back on track

Might I add, this is LAX we’re speaking about. At a smaller, less crowded airport, there’s room for leniency, and controllers are willing to accomodate pilots, because well…they can focus on that aircraft. At the main hub, a four runway airport with over 20 inbounds every 20 minutes, accomodations and leniency for those who don’t follow instructions is extremely smaller.

Aren’t you contradicting yourself by saying the U.S. hadn’t had ATC for 3+ weeks?


Hi! We will happily help look into this to you if you message appeals, but we will not accept insults or aggressive speech towards ATC or other forum members. These are users and people just like you and no-one will be subject to that on this forum.