Farewell infinite flight

Hi everyone for the past 2-3 weeks I unfortunately haven’t been playing infinite flight and I have now decided to leave infinite flight and move on. I would like to thank @Laura and the rest of the devs for making a wonderful flight sim I’ve really enjoyed playing this flight sim for 5 years now and the way they came from regions to the world also reworked aircraft were a site to see. I really wish the best of luck for infinite flight and some day in the future I’ll return.

Many thanks and best wishes @Captain_Tank


Hey @Captain_Tank!
I wish you the best for your future! If you stop here now, you will start again somewhere else!

The developers made Infinite Flight a great game! Nevertheless, tagging developers is not that good :( They have a lot to do. Your incredible 4,000 flight hours also show that you really enjoyed playing the game!

I wish you all the best for you future!


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