Farewell IFC. Time to focus

Hello IFC!

This will be my last topic for a while as I’m choosing to break away from all online communication for safety reasons. I love all of you here and hurts dearly to do this but it desperately needs to be done.

I’m sorry for the abruptness of doing this and probably caused headaches but it was thrown upon me aswell.

I will miss all of you so much! I will probably be on and off with updates checking in and such. I will be on the sim flying so you will still see me there. Thanks for helping me though the rough times and the smooth ones there definitely were both of those.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

-A.A. Milne ( Winnie-the-Pooh )

Bye IFC I will miss all of you!


Hey, that is quite ok.
Focus on yourself.
And i wish you well mate✈️
Hope one day you’ll return here see you in the skies🛫

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Bye bye! See you idk when ;)


Best of luck what it comes!

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I will miss all of you here so much and yea I am @ing you for a good reason.

@Robertine - bestie
@MJP_27 - always there
@Balloonchaser - The homie. Funny as all get out and first rly good experience here.
@Drummer - really helped me when I had IRL and problems here
@AviationFreak - funni as fricc
@Cameron - always willing to answer my questions no matter how stupid they might be!
@tunamkol - u funni person
@alec - miss u
@CaptainZac - honestly save me with tech stuff lol
@Kamryn - inspired me to start planes spotting
@Tyler_Shelton - super understanding
@Captainflight - taking over TDZ
@Kamryn - sorry we aren’t gonna meet now. 😭 gonna miss getting help for JP.
@Thunderbolt - We used to be on bad terms but glad we worked through it!
@IF_KGRR - u beat me in the spotting comp 😭
@IFAE_GLOBAL_AIRFORCE - had a lot of fun with the people there
@IFGAC - BEST yet inactive vo on the IFC


Holy wall of tags


I will not we back for a long time. This isn’t like these other topics.

Now I’m off. Wishing everyone the best!


the most overused joke in the ifc

Bye @USA_ATC! You have been a great friend… hope you come back soon. But take your time and do what you think is right :)


Agreed. Not funny for me anymore. Anywhere…

Anyways, before this gets closed:

@USA_ATC, hope you have a nice break, and do whatever you need to do! Taking breaks is more important, and life even more :)


Sorry to see you go, but you will see, the world has changed a lot since you last went outside, there’s some sort of virus now 😉

All jokes aside, I hope you seek what you are looking for and I wish you a nice break!


Dang, no tag for your favorite WFC mod 😭. Hope to talk to you soon Blake!


Sad to see you go Blake!


Sorry to see you go so abruptly :(

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It’s for more than 24h this time though

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Please feel free to reach out if you need anything Blake! We’re always here for you

This is kind of sad to see users making a joke out of someone who is fearing safety. Please read topics before cracking jokes on people leaving and coming back. The joke is way overused