Hello Everyone and welcome back to another IFC Event hosted by @Aviator25.
Well as you know, Doncaster Sheffield Airport is now unfortunatley closed so i would like to take this moment to say a big farewell!:) It was an amazing aiport to fly in and fly out to! Credit to these websites taking these images…Redirect Notice and Redirect Notice

Hope you can all join this event and See you in the skies:)
Happy flying!:)

Madrid Centre:

London Center:
Manchester Center:

Server: Expert

Airport: GCLP (Gran Canaria)


Where are the gates or info surrounding them?

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Oh i had to add gates? I didn’t know that! How do i do that?:)

Edit the original post, you could check my Cleveland flyout for an example of gates, the gates must be actual routes from the airport that existed. If you need more info, you can check Dans how to make a event.

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No, you’re in no way obligated to add gate assignments. To the contrary actually, gate assignments are a way of excluding users from participating.

I’d recommend leaving any kind of gate assignments or signups out, as they slim your chances of your event being featured.

For more info regarding what I said above i recommend you to have a quick scan through this following post:

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And if I do

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I don’t actually understand how to add gates! :

That’s absolutely fine, like I said, you don’t have to. You could include them purely for information (to give other users an idea as to how many gates an airport has so that they can plan their departures/arrivals in a way that prevents overcrowding). Some users tend to use them as a form of a sign-up (I personally don’t understand why, as you have the going-interested-not going function to count), but the post I linked above does not recommend doing that, as it could also be seen as a way to exclude users from participating (example with that could be refusing users as the airport is"full").

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Oh I see to give them announcements to say like use this procedure or control this tower something like that?

Isn’t that for pinned or official events only

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Not the way I interpreted it. As far as I know it was meant for every event in the stage before the event is chosen to be featured :)

A way to “heighten” ones chances.

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That would be general information. Gate information is more information regarding gate sizes, and which operators are known to use them.

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So your saying that events are chosen because they don’t have gate assignments.

If that’s the case then that’s not necessarily correct

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That is not what I said. I said it heightens the possibility for an event to be featured.

However, I do believe events should be selected on being open for all and not requiring a sign-up. What I have noticed over time is that most (but unfortunately not all) events which were featured started off with gate signups/assignments, but got rid of them the minute they were selected.

I do however feel like this isn’t the place for this conversation as we’re in someone else’s even thread.


We will need ATC from and to the destination!;)

Sign me up! Thanks!


I would have done both but I have a meeting at the beginning of this event. I’ll probably open in advance to build traffic to make your arrival more pleasant.

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I’d love to take part in this event, just a short question, is it a fly in?

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Np all signed in thanks for participating;)

Yes it is a fly in;)

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