Farewell, Community

Hey everyone, Keith James here.

I recently have got accepted into a flight school, and I notice I’ll be very busy. Flying is my dream. We all know we have to make big sacrifices to pursue your dream. I will be quiting the community. I’m not sure if I’m coming back but if I do I’ll let everyone know. I was on this community for almost 8 months and I got to meet several new friends and hear extremely kind words and have not once been insulted here. Thank you everyone for all the joy you caused me.

And also, for the IFIA, I have a friend to run it while I’m gone.

Thanks for reading my goodbye post. See you people.


Good for you pursuing your dream - best wishes and success!


Good luck, best wishes for the future

Good luck have a good time hope to hear from you later

Good luck from me :)

good luck m8. i probably will do the same someday too!


By the way, later, I don’t know what time, probably at 2200Z i might do my last live flight on ATC playground at KSFO with the name _keithjames99 and callsign IFIA215

Enjoy your flight school.

Congratulations! Happy flying!

Congrats on getting closer to your dream!

Good luck :)

It is officially scheduled, my last flight is one the playground, 2200Z, my name will be _keithjames99 and callsign IFIA215. I’m having a few problems posting in events, so can someone do it for me please?

I can try, I might not make it to the actual flight though. :( What will the region be?

Done! You will find the meeting schedule under life/events.
See you at KSFO. I will be there as swiss66 on my A330.
Blue skies :)

These posts aren’t allowed anymore. But feel free to participate in the event:)