Farewell Captain_DJ @ KPAE - 261400ZDEC15

This event is to mark the final days of Captain_DJ’s forum life. He has been on this forum for a little over 5 months, after Joining on August 1. Captain_DJ has decided to call it quits because of a promotion he recently got, and also his parents moving into his new house very soon. He would appreciate if you could come along for this fantastic, and sad final event. As a couple of his closest forum members are calling quits, he now has to face the grim side of leaving too. DJ will be running the event, and asks everyone to look at the information below.

Server: Advanced

Region: Seattle

Airport: KPAE

Time: 14:00Z

NOTAM: Bring a Boeing Airplane (717, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777). We will have a landing competition, and also a farewell flight together to around the map, where we will all land back at KPAE for one last picture together, then DJ will fly off into the distance (NO-ONE to Follow), Video of this event would be much appreciated for a final posting, saying farewell by DJ. If you would like to be ATC at KPAE please comment below, we are also looking for judges for the landing competition (2 min, 4max)

Ground & Tower - @dush19
Approach -



Ughh I don’t have Seattle 🙁😔. If I don’t see you again, I wish you all the best for any upcoming important steps in your life. You have served us well :)
I’m actually tempted into getting the region to fly once more…

Thanks very much Massimo. If I don’t see you at the event, I will see you on Live somewhere. :)

You can count on that ;)

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I’m so sorry I can’t make this event but I wish you all the best and thank you for being part of this wonderful community. Are you still playing infinite flight after this?

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If I get a chance, I might.

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thank you for all ! You will missing to the community! Great Captain, i wish you the best for your future :)

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If u hve for one year buy Live then can do downloaded all regions and liveries…

I would love it if it was in a free region! :D
But farewell 😭, everyone is leaving. We are losing important members :(

Goodbye! :D have the best time, and 2016


I am defo going! I’ll be there as this is after I get myself Live +! Call sign : Boeing 72 Heavy - Aircraft : Boeing freight Boeing 747-8.

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Farewell and goodbye DJ …
We were running Team Australia Together but I will leave the decisions to leave up to you …

Goodbye and good luck in the future ☺️


Just be aware the date might change.

As long as it doesn’t fall on the 8th of January, I’m good.

It’ll be before that if I pass my test ;)

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Could I judge the landing competition?

Yes! Just what I’m looking for!

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Uh Oh, NickChan liked this event :/


Oh crap! WERE ALL SCREWED!!! Will he turn up do you think?

If mommy and daddy bought him the Seattle region ;)

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