Farewell Air Berlin (Air Berlin spotting-ZRH/LSZH)

Recently we got to know that Air Berlin is going to shut down so I decided to share some pictures I have of their Aircraft I hope you enjoy this pictures since I got a lot of Air Berlin “special liveries”.

Air Berlin A320-214 HB-IOQ

Air Berlin A320-214 D-ABDO

Air Berlin A330-223 D-ABXA One World Livery

Air Berlin A320-214 D-ABDX White Tail

Air Berlin A320-214 HB-IOR

Some other not great quality pictures:

A6-BLA and D-ABDX parallel Taxi

Edelweiss and Air Berlin A330/A340 Tails

I hope you enjoyed this pictures they were all took in LSZH. Hope you share yours 2.


Correct me if I am wrong, Probably more of a post suited for the spotting category, presuming they are your photos right?

EDIT; It’s been switched.

Wow nice photos, it’s sad to see another carrier go


Wonderful photos, this airline went to soon!

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Great pictures, Air Berlin will be missed.

Pretty sweet pictures! So sad to see another airline go…

Sure, here are two of them. They were also taken in Zurich! :)


Thats a shame. I wanted them to fly to Brazil, that could be a profitable route. Well, i hope that more airlines dont cease, this year.

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One in JFK
Pretty bad but it’s something

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This is so sad. I didn’t expect the airline to fully disappear 😓
Your pictures are amazing, I didn’t realise Air Berlin had so many liveries. I hope all goes well with the pilots.

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I know… :( At least there will still be the Air Berlin livery in Infinite Flight. Once Global is out, I’m gonna try to do Berlin to Saint Maarten (obviously with many stops along the way because of fuel)

Its a very nice picture!

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Here was an A330 on final to LAX. This girl was really a nomad, as Air Berlin was her fifth operator. Curious to see what the future has in store for her.


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