Farewell AAVA

Very sad, was a great VA and one i was proud to fly for. AAVA290, signing off.


I was never part of American Virtual, so I would never knew how great it was to be apart of AAVA. But I do know that this is a huge lost for IFC. As a CEO of a VA, I looked up to them. Not because they were big. Not because they were in the Core-Six. I looked up to them because they were a role-model. If you were looking for a super realistic VA, this was the place. So, I must say, Thank you! Thank you for showing not just me, but many other VA’s the way on becoming a Successful VA. You will be missed deeply.

So long AAVA.


Wonderful VA, great people and a phenomenal leader. I regret to say that I was one of those guys who didn’t get a lotta flights in, and with 100+ others doing the same, it’s a very sad thing and I feel bad. Great group of guys and very much looking forward to the revival of AAVA. AAVA5726, signing off


Sad to see such a great VA go.

Hopefully somebody competant can restart it soon?

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I’m really sad to see such a huge VA to go, especially because the reason I have ended up with a different airline was due to AAVA has already been claimed in Sept 2017. I do know that I couldn’t have been able to do such an amazing job like what you’ve done since the start…

So, after a core-6 VA is closing down, what small VAs can hope for?

I wish you guys all the best!

AAVA0039 out.

AAVA is back and running!


Would it be AAVA or AAV

Do they fly the a321?

Yeah, they do fly the A321.

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Hmmmmmm I may have to apply:).

Hope to see you onboard. It’s a pleasant VA

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Oh I didnt know your were apart of it! Mabye you can put in a good word :).

I was a part of the old AAVA before it closed

I was really sad that this VA closed down but at least it is now reopened

I enjoy flying for them every single time and they have satisfied most of my disappointments with them

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Is the new one a big VA? Are there sufficient people apart of this team?

We are constantly growing

The old one was really big and active

The new one is just as active but not as big but that is because we just came back so we need time. But I feel like we will be one of the biggest VAs once again

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Ya that sounds great. Were can I apply?

Official Thread:

Application Form: https://www.american-virtual-if.com/join.php

Need anything else to talk about? Take it to a PM

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