Farewell, A380

Last flight with the old A380

This is my last flight with the old model. Goodbye and we will welcome you again soon in a whole new shape!
(sorrry for the bad graphics, i had my settings turned down and realised it later)


Route: EGLL-VHHH (London - Hong Kong)
Flight time: 11h 27min
Airline: British Airways
Aircraft: A380
Speed: M.83
Altitude: FL330

Taxiing to RWY 09R in Heathrow

Just after takeoff while retracting the gear

Climbing out of London with the airport in the background

Cruising somewhere over idk (it was night, sorry for the bad pic)

The King on one last short final…

Just after landing. It was an absoulute greaser, he deserved it.

And with that, this was the last time with the old A380. Im looking forward to the release of the new version. 11th of march is release date right?

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Farewell, old A380. Nice pics though ;)


Thanks a lot!

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Very nice pics!


That 3rd photo is just awesome!

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Currently doing my last flight now, gonna miss this bird

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Thankyou, thats also my personal favourite

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What route are you doing?

Wow i love them. Farewell A380-800 !

SYD-LAX, almost finished

sad to see the old a380 going

But more than happy to see the new model.
This night I will fly the last flight with the A380. Perhaps BA or a Lufthansa.

Sadly BA doesn’t fly to seoul.