Farewell 787-9 @ KBFI - 050100ZAUG16

Server: Casual

Region: seattle

Airport: KBFI

Time: 0100Z

NOTAM: none. Just have fun and fly around in the old 787-9.
This event is for the old 787-9 which all iOS users and some android users have. Just come to the event at the time above and have fun while the old 787-9 is still around. If you have the new 787, you can come too, but we will not be able to see you.


You mean a Casual server?

I guess. I don’t really know what it’s really called.

That’s the new name for the Playground server.

Think I might come in a new 788 just to tease you all :P

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Sure. We just won’t see you.

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The training server is PG casual is Free Flight

Where new 787 meets old 787 :)

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