Far far away...in Colorado long long ago

Who is interested in some KDEN flying? I like feel the groove to get into some controlling haha. @Emil_Broe @stevenwalker109 if you guys would like to come out and test me again. It’s been some time and I already feel like I know infinite (joke intended lol) more
Anyways I shall try and be on a lot. Just know if you see a controller in Colorado region I’m there!!! Come join me :)

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Are you open now?

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Not at the moment, give me oh about forty minutes tops! (Probably like ten or fifteen) and I shall. Need a good shower.
Just thought I’d give people advance warning

Tell me when. I’m ready whenever, but sooner is better than later.

I am about to go on!

What will be your call sign?

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It will be N35XT.

Sorry I crashed - too windy for the spit. Will come in bigger plane.

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Came in for touch and go, skidded off the runway instead. gg.


Overall, not bad, but you definitely need more work.

  1. Sequencing. As an IFATC, I can tell you that this is the most important aspect of tower controlling. It gives the pilots responsibility for separation and tells everyone who to follow. I did not get any sequencing. A couple of times, you cleared me number two for the option right away. Your first command should be, number two, traffic to follow is on left downwind, base, or final, then the clearance with the appropriate number.

  2. Pattern entries/instructions. This is similar to above, but when someone asks for a runway change, or calls inbound, you must give a pattern entry and a sequence if applicable. When someone called inbound, you replied, number two, runway 08 cleared to land. You must tell them how to enter the pattern, so straight in, left/right downwind, or left/right base. This would be followed by the applicable sequence, so in this particular case the correct series of commands would have been, enter straight in runway 08, number two traffic to follow is on final. Then you clear later.

A couple other things:

When I am doing patterns, there is no need to repeatedly say after the option make left traffic, as it is understood that I would do this. Simply, number one, runway 17L cleared for the option is fine. Also, I know you are learning, but try to be slightly quicker with your commands.

Keep practicing, and I hope to see you on the IFATC team someday!

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I saw that good try though lol…and yes I got pictures ;)

I was the Air Canada 767 actually.

Yeah I am sorry bout the slow commands. That I can take huge sadness for lol. But I was so distracted by a guy on tower. Then when you transferred to tower I got distracted by Hop7 on ground lol. It’s my fault for sure though

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Now you make me look like an idiot. 😂

Nah that’s alright.

But thanks for stopping by, it made quite the enjoyable session…if I hadn’t stunk so bad at controlling lol. I still have a looooong way to go

I hope you aren’t to embarrassed if me 😁 I’m a newbie ATC lol. But thank you so much @Nicholas_L for taking time to educate me! You guys are amazing :) IFATC Rock!!!

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