FAQ: must parking or non-stop via taxiway?

can i do non-stop via taxiway from landing to taking-off? or must parking? :)

Do you mean like landing and taxiing back to the threshold to take off again?

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atc command that exit runway then can i will directly take off without taxi to parking?

Only if you have been cleared for the option for a runway. You have the ability to do a stop and go on the runway. Most times the controller will assume you are going to exit so they give you an exit command but your free to take off again.


thank @Altaria55 and @Asher

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You aren’t must to park, after landing follow the instruction to exit runway, then contact atc ground and tell your intention to taxi to the runway that you want to fly again

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Just a little add on, if the controller is nice enough to allow pattern work even when it’s busy, please try to be nice. Avoid a stop and go if there’s someone else on short final, and just do it on the next pattern. Not a rule or anything, but being that there’s no way to know, we as controllers might bring the next plane closer assuming you’re doing a touch and go, not a stop and go. So please be nice to the person behind you if there is one, and avoid stop and go if needed.

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